Companion to Intune –
Application Lifecycle &
Management Automation Platform

RealmJoin is the cloud born companion to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). It adds the missing pieces to provide an enterprise ready client management platform. RealmJoin improves the quality and reduces the efforts with nearly 1.000 pre-packaged standard applications for Intune, a modern package factory for custom applications and additional features like LAPS, remote support, Runbook automation and much more.

App Catalog with ~1.000 pre-packaged applications and high quality and audited custom application packaging (optional).

  • High quality packages with advanced parameters and curated content
  • Maintained packages with 24-48h security update service
  • Fixed pricing, fast delivery of custom application based on audited git repostitories and CI/CD package factory
  • Software Lifecycle Management with pre-release and group management, optional telemetry of usage
  • SaaS based 'deploy to Intune' and auto-update management
  • Single Source, multiple packaging options for IntuneWin, MSIX or Chocolatey
  • Advanced telemetry of application usage and software asset management

Power up the management functionalities of Intune for your single tenant or multi-tenant administration

  • Get new insights with an extended inventory of your clients
  • Enjoy consolidated and relevant information for your client management work from several sources in one web-console
  • Group based user notification and alerting to inform about system maintenance or outages

Provide an easy to use web-interface for your help-desk staff

  • Leverage the power of Intune in your help desk
  • Execute important tasks with "just a click"
  • Integration of remote support tools and help desk tickets

Integrate a growing collection of Azure Runbooks to streamline and automate User, Group, Device and Application management.

  • Curated GitHub repository of Runbooks
  • Context based functionality by offering the right Runbooks to support staff
  • Ready-to-use collection of typical tasks like user/group creation, Out-of-Office settings, Onboarding/Offboading, etc
  • Template management for parameters like office locations, user creation rules, default parameters, etc
  • Azure Log Analytics long time audit of all support actions
  • Custom Runbook integration
  • Elevated rights for specific people and tasks

Local Admin Password Solution for native Azure AD joined Windows and Mac devices

  • LAPS creates strong passwords for local accounts which are stored securely in Azure Key Vault
  • On-Demand or Pre-Provisioned accounts available
  • Audited access for support people in SaaS based management platform

Three types of LAPS accounts are available

  • Emergency Account (pre-provisioned account for use in cases of network-loss, hardware-issues, etc)
  • Supporter Account (on-demand or pre-provisioned elevated activities for remots support sessions)
  • Privileged account (used by power users that need regular but controlled admin privileges on their own devices)
  • Windows 10/11 clients
  • Windows based VDI clients
    (AVD, Windows 365)
  • Mac clients for LAPS
    (app lifecycle on roadmap)
  • Mobile clients for Intune management
  • RealmJoin is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that connects to you Microsoft365 tenant.
  • Basic initial deployment is done in minutes
  • Advanced consents required for specific features
  • 50 to >100.000 users
  • High availability and geo-redundant ecosystem
  • more than 300.000 seats onboarded today
App distribution options
  • Intune
  • RealmJoin CDN & client
  • Intunewin packages
  • Chocolatey packages
  • AppV packages
  • MSIX packages
Customer Isolation
  • Single- or multi-tenant enrolment
  • Managed Service Provider license available
  • Automate tasks in mulitple tenants
ISO 27001
Full Service
  • Incident support and all updates included
  • SaaS model, no installation required
  • Bi-weekly ecosystem updates
Fair pricing
  • Pay for active users only (automatic monthly counting)